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After Tottenham beat Manchester City to secure the final Champions League spot at the end of the 2009/2010 season, all that remained was to give manager Harry Redknapp the thanks he deserved!

At the beginning of every season, player profiles are shot so they can be shown in the line-ups before each televised match. When the ‘Sky’ cameras went to Hull, one player in particular seemed to struggle!

David Bentley was spending the day at Red Bull HQ. When a skip was spotted down beneath them, a ball was soon found and very quickly, a bet developed between him and his agent. A £15,000 watch was the reward if Bentley could land the ball in the skip.

When Mario Balotelli first joined Manchester City, it was clear that he had lots to learn however, it was also expected for him to have at least some common sense. Therefore, surely he would be able to put his own bib on?   

When a balloon floats onto the pitch, it’ll always help the game if it’s cleared off. So, Mike Phelan thought he was doing nothing wrong by helping this inflatable on its way … until he saw Fergie’s reaction that is!

Arsene Wenger is known for his reactions when certain decisions go against his team! When a situation as mentioned occurred at Stoke, the home fans couldn’t help but imitate the Frenchman. behaviour!   

We all know that players like to celebrate after they score. However, in this Icelandic League game, they took it to a whole new level after one of their men netted from the spot.  

David Luiz is quite a character. When he first joined Chelsea he barely spoke a word of English so it’s understandable the reporter only asked him one question in this interview. Nevertheless, he still wanted to be a part of it!

Chris Kamara’s an experienced reporter yet never seems to learn from his previous bloopers. This was particularly evident at Fratton Park once when he missed a red card leaving the Sky Sports panel in stitches!

Here, Andy Carroll plays a game for Liverpool TV with simple rules. He can’t say ‘yes’ and he can’t say ‘no’ however, it proves a little more difficult than it seems at first.

Funny Football Moments:

As we know, there are several fans of Lionel Messi all over the world. However, as this clip shows, some are willing to go to extreme lengths in order to meet their hero.

After a heated dispute between Joey Barton and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in February 2013, the Marseille midfielder took things to the next level by drawing attention to the Swede’s rather large nose.  

On the way to a formal event, Joe Hart decided to raise tensions in the car a little causing mixed reactions of those around.

Neil Lennon chose to have a little fun when interrupted in the middle of a press conference.

When Manchester City snatched the title away from Manchester United at the bitter end of last season, it’s safe to say that Paul Merson’s reaction matched the drama.

Andre Villas-Boas, the former Chelsea boss, issues instructions to midfielder Lewis Holtby during Tottenham’s clash with The Blues in May 2013, however David Luiz couldn’t resist listening in.

When Tottenham met Inter Milan in the Champions League, a huge Milan fan was commentating in the Italian Sky Sports studio and was extremely disappointed after Spurs scored.

After Spain won the World Cup back in 2010, Pepe Reina and co decided to share the celebrations with the whole plane on the flight back.

When Sergio Aguero scored that last minute winner for City in May 2012, TalkSport made a collaboration of the different reactions from the two sides of Manchester.

The Manchester City squad got up to a little mischief after meeting the Mayor following their FA Cup triumph  in 2011.

Almost the whole country got involved in the Harlem Shake, however the Manchester City boys took things to a new level!

Jose Mourinho reflects on his time as a manager so far and brings to attention the comedic elements of Mario Balotelli.